The most powerful software for your Home Healthcare Agency

Marzet AgencyEMR and PediatricEMR are the most powerful and comprehensive software options for Home Healthcare Agencies. We cover all your needs and we do it so you can expect speedy, reliable service – whether in home with a patient or at the office.


Regardless of the device you use (mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers) you will be able to connect to your agency management system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Easy to Use

Our system is not simple by accident. We spend countless hours collaborating with our clients and veteran clinicians to make a system that is truly easy for our clients to use.


Our system is comprised of clinical, financial, and regulatory modules providing you an in-depth knowledge of your agency. Our survey tools makes your audits a breeze.

Schedule and admit your patients

Flexible Scheduling

Create an entire schedule without waiting for clinical reviews or authorizations.

Schedule Editing

Update and re-assign visits and evaluations as staff availability changes.

Ensure Eligibility

Automatically or manually check to ensure patients are still covered prior to your visit.

Calendar Mode

See all completed and scheduled visits in one mode.

Point of Care

Our EMR system lets you easily track and update your patient care

Proof of Visit

Our geotagged verification system means that clinicians don’t need to collect signature cards from each patient. When a patient logs into the system, the built-in GPS automatically collects location, date and time, and PIN verification from the clinician.

Accurate Schedule

Our EMR system lets you view your schedule by day or week, alongside patient details, so you don’t have to pull each master patient chart. The first thing you notice when you log in is your schedule for the day.

Care Coordination

Coordinate care without leaving the system. We built in easy-to-use tools including HIPAA-compliant messaging, scheduling and billing alongside medical profiles and diagnoses from each visit or evaluations.


If you didn’t document it, you didn’t do it

Every health care professional has heard this saying, so we made it easy to document everything as you go along providing patient care. Here are some highlights:

  • Clinical Visit Notes

  • Clinical Evaluations

  • Medication Profiles

  • Diagnosis Profiles

  • Plan of Care

  • Case Management

  • Orders Management

  • Non-medical Documentation

Quality Assurance

Ensuring real-time regulatory compliance

Automated Order Management

Track each order without manually contacting each clinician.

Automated Case Management

Route evaluation and case notes to the case manager by the click of a button.

QA Manager

Review completed documents for approval and return them to the clinician for any updates or changes.

Assigned Tasks

Assign, date, and monitor specific orders and tasks to clinicians, case managers, and administrative staff.

Billing and Claims

Track all your billing and claims

Submit and know the status of your claims 24/7.

Powerful claims reports from our system and clearing house’s online portals.

Stay up to date with authorization statuses and eligibilities at all times.

Automatic tracking of claims and remittances.


Feature-rich, user-friendly way of understanding your business

Your business has questions, our system has the answers. Based on your needs, you can create a customized report to ease the questions your company has.

Flexible easy to use reporting module allows users to drill down into each part of their business. Providing them with clear concise information to make better decisions.

Customize reports according to your needs. Selecting from a range of search criteria, any amount of reports can be defined.

Dashboard provides an overview of consolidated information, usually in a visual format and focused on key business aspects.

Adding and removing reports based on roles and security settings are easy to setup and manage. Providing information only to those who need it.

Ask us about providing custom dashboard screens that reflect what is most important for your business.

Survey Tools

Citations and fines are not fun, keep your agency efficient and compliant

Ensure real time regulatory compliance by running built-in survey tools.

Provide surveyors with a view-only user ID and password for easy access to the system.

Run your mock surveys periodically to ensure your agency is staying in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Use our robust reporting tools to evaluate the quality of care and services furnished by the agency as measured by indicators of medical, nursing and rehabilitative care.

Keep your personal files updated with reminders and manage files with document vault.

Upload and keep your agency policies available to all your employees within the system for easy access and education.